Helping at the Puddleducks

We warmly welcome parents and carers in our Pre-School. If you would like to help out, you would be most welcome. You can help on a one-off basis in the Pre-School room, or more regularly should you wish. For some people this may be the start of a career in Early Education, perhaps to “test the waters” and see if this environment is for you.
We are always looking for willing volunteers to help us tidy up our outside areas or provide other practical help, for example one-off small maintenance or refurbishment jobs. If you feel that this is something you could do for us, please let the

Manager or Administrator know.

If you have a specific skill or hobby you would like to share with the children, please discuss this with the Manager or your child’s Key Worker. We can provide equipment and enthusiastic little participants who are full of wonder and fun. Why not give it a try? There is nothing to lose and a huge amount to gain!

Skills and Hobbies


We would love to hear from any budding artists who could show children works of art of their own or others and talk to them about their hobby, whether it be painting, clay, modelling, embroidery, sewing or knitting, glass painting, weaving or paper crafts. We could then work with you to devise an art activity for the children to participate in.

We love Music at Puddleducks and would welcome any musicians to visit us and show the children their instruments, play some music with them and join us for a sing- and play-along too.

Our children love to run around and burn off energy. If you are a sport fanatic, perhaps you could come along to the pre-school and show the children your skills. They would love to learn and practise some football, tennis, netball, yoga, rugby, cricket,

gym or dancing skills with you.

Perhaps you enjoy other outdoorsy activities such as bird watching, orienteering or bushcraft. Do come and share your interests with our little ones.


The World of Work

The children are fascinated about the jobs people do and even if you don’t think your job is particularly interesting, our curious and adventurous little people will have plenty of questions for you. If you are a nurse, doctor, dentist, vet, firefighter or police officer we would love to hear from you as this would fit in nicely with a topic on “People who help us”. Chefs, bakers etc. could also talk to the children about healthy eating or just come and make food with us! Construction workers, architects, builders and carpenters etc would be most welcome to talk to us about their jobs and then help us with lego, duplo, junk modelling or construction toys.

Drawing of Hedgehog
Watercolor Butterfly 16