Uniform is available to purchase from the office although it is not compulsory, 95% of our children wear it.

A great deal of parents/carers feedback that their child loves wearing our uniform as it makes them feel part of the Puddleducks family. They also enjoy wearing it because they are then like their older school siblings and of course it saves your child’s everyday clothes from showing the wear and tear from all of our fun, adventure and creative activities. Along with helping children reach their social, emotional and physical milestones naturally and with ease.

To download an order form for our uniform, please use the link below. 

When your child comes home messy after a session at Puddleducks....

....look deeper and you will see your child has been exploring, learning and creating but most of all they’ve had fun!

Painting helps me develop my creativity skills. Sometimes I accidentally get paint on my clothes as I explore

Exploring mud is very messy but it helps me develop my imagination and use of descriptive language

This mark is from a pen. I was trying so hard to develop my writing and drawing skills

Sometimes my clothes come home a little wet.

I learn huge amounts of Science and Maths when I play in the water

The grass stain shows i have been using our wider outdoor area to develop my physical skills